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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The amazing things my family get up to...Mom mainly!

so Mom was in KL last week. I called on the weekend and Pa Pawan says hes booking her something for KL.
eh? again?
but she was just there!

well my very capabale Mom. Amidst the high security between Thailand and Malaysia border, she managed to leave Malaysia without getting a stamp in her passport! Amazing!

So now she's heading back in again, to get an exit stamp.

(I think it was just her ploy for another trip back there!)

And my brother? what does he get up to?
I remember one day....he had parked the car just outside our house (its on the main street), and had received a ticket for parking in the motorbike spot. (They had recently re-painted the spot just outside our house from a car parking to motorbike parking). We have always parked our car outside our house for not a happy lovely brother picked up the ticket, walked across the road, and planted the ticket on a car parked illegally on corner of intersection. The car belongs to some police officer. Im not sure what became of that ticket....but we havent received any since :)


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