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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sickness update!

so thats how boring my life (and my blog!) has become. I now have to resort to updating about my sickness :p

so after about 2 weeks I finally feel somewhat better. after about a few days of antibiotic, I was given a shot of penicillin (which dated as it sounds, is what seems to have helped me recover). Had some blood test just to make sure its not glandular fever. And here is the amazing thing about modern technology/science/medicine. They try to check for one thing, if they dont find anything wrong with that particular test, they somehow manage to find something else thats wrong with you. Great!

But. Its not something I have to worry about in the short term. I dont think. so we can deal with that if need be.

For now.....still trying to get back to my normal diet. Of late apart from no food, there has also been absolutely no chocolate intake in almost 2 weeks! (except for some choc chip cookies early on, some chocolate milk and one, get this, ONLY ONE timtam! that was when I realised I hadnt yet recovered, when I couldnt have any more than one timtam)

I must be really really sick. :p


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