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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Indonesia......funny sightings at the airport

so on Friday I got into Jakarta, this is 2 years after my previous trip. Cant say if much has changed as I didnt quite venture out of the airport, but proceeded to the domestic terminal for a flight to Semarang.

HOwever, while at the airport, a couple of things struck me. 1. There is a porter service to help you pick up your bags from the conveyor belt on to your trolley. Great service for old people, unaccompanied minors travelling on their own, or such others that need this service I suppose. It does however feel strange to me to see a very strong man use the service.....not that there is anything wrong with it, just different. I know they have porters in India train stations, but then you dont have trolleys to help carry the load. I dont remember seeing the porter service the last time I was in Jakarta so thought its a 'new' service, but friends inform me it has existed for quite sometime.

Another thing I noticed while waiting for Anung and Eko to arrive at the airport was a lady came round to me and brought out a bottle of perfume. She then moved on the lady next to me. It was then that I realised the first lady was offering to sell the perfume. Very strange. Not sure what the concept is? She bought it cheap at duty free and then hopes to sell it to someone at the airport? Or was it a counterfeit product, and she chooses to sell it to travellers at the airport?
Whatever the concept, it was a rather strange idea. I wonder if she makes any sales......

by the way, while on the subject of airport, I must add that I quite like the domestic terminal in Jakarta. It doesnt compare to the likes of Singapore, or KLIA or Bangkok in its modern offerings, but was impressed when I saw it last time, and it still has that same pleasantness. Its very green. The building has walkways surrounded by glass that looks out into a very well maintained garden on both sides. I give it the green thumbs up rating for its effort to create a relaxing and pleasant view to look at.


  • Just wanted to say that they have that porter service at the Kolkata International Airport in India. And everyone makes use of it. Infact, the porter's often insist on helping you get your bags off the conveyor belt. And a minute later ask you to spare some dollars!

    By Blogger Nisha Ray Chaudhuri (Malhotra), At 12:21 pm  

  • I forgot to add in my post that I am all for the sharing of economic wealth. Why shouldnt those who can afford to not be able to avail themselves of the service? Provided they are not coerced into using the service. The case of India doesnt sound like consumers have much say in the matter :)
    Im not even sure I can call them consumers in that situation :p

    By Blogger Jyoti, At 1:07 pm  

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