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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tropfest Australia

I went to the outdoor Sydney Tropfest this evening. Glad I did....was pretty good....some of the short films even managed to make me smile!

There was one in particular that made me think of all my guy friends. It shows a woman talking....supposedly a video dating profile I think? she describe the kind of man she wants.....shes not very confident, shaky voice, a bit geeky looks with glasses....has a long list of all the cliche type of man...romantic, walks on beach etc etc. she wraps up the video. feels like ended. then she adds. ohhhhh I forgot to mention. My Dad owns a brewery! HAHA. cute. Ive heard so many guy friends with that joke of wanting a girl whose Dad owns a brewery. So guys....heres your chance!
(Im sure the films will be on youtube or such will try and find clips for some of my fav ones to share)
ok here we go, link to videos. The one Im talking about is: last roll of the dice.

The emcee mentioned that Tropfest is now also venturing into a few other countries, including Bangkok?! Ill have to do some research to find what month that might be....or perhaps it is still very early stage of planning. He mentioned the NewYork one in July......but no dates mentioned for other countries. But who knows....maybe I can catch another round on my overdue visit home?


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