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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

funny thing is – why do we buy into this silly stuff anyway? truth is, the media has so much influence on us that we somehow let ourselves feel that something ’special’ needs to happen on this day.

by the way, historical facts show Valentine's Day to be somewhat sad - marking the death of St. Valentine. Wikipedia has a combination of stories about various people, which you can find on their site here

I personally like this other version I found here: St Valentine, patron of love, lover and friendship
to quote from that article:
On the event of his death, Valentine wrote a last note to Julia to thank her for her friendship and urged her to stay close to God. The note was signed, “From your Valentine.” And some say that this was the start of the custom of exchanging love messages on Valentine’s Day.

yes, Id have liked to go to dinner with my date regardless of which Sunday, or which day of the week it is. So why does this supposed ‘lovers day’ with all its media hype makes a lot of us feel like something is missing cos we didnt get flowers, or taken out to dinner and such? By that basis, then I reckon we should feel let down every other Sunday, or Saturday or whatever other day that we dont get flowers? [I quite like getting flowers for no occasion at all. So far, has happened once. Red roses, personally and sweetly wrapped in gold paper :p ]

so whats my plan for today? lotssssssss of chocolates - yes for myself! I dont need a man to buy me chocolates for Valentine's, but I wont say no to free chocolates from anyone, any day hehe.

May head out to some symphony concert (alone) later this afternoon. the plan is to end my evening with what is now becoming my regular daily jog session. fingers crossed the rain doesnt ruin my determination.

Just any other day really :)

ohh PS. Im listening to Roxette again. my rediscovered love for the band. nothing to do with Valentine's....even if the words to some of their songs are somewhat corny to say the least

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