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Monday, February 15, 2010

Auckland House School - reunions

it seems my friends love reunions in bulk. All these years not much has happened, in fact Ive occasionally run into Aucky friends around Bangkok over the years, and their attitude has always been lukewarm, almost non caring.

Now suddenly, thanks to facebook, everyone has gotten into a frenzy of loving reunions :) Dont get me wrong - Im all for it - but I just am a bit amused by how we all tend to do things at one extreme or the other? Some have said that, the older you get, the more you appreciate your friendships, particularly childhood friendships. For me, the bond has always been stronger with friends from Aucky and from IH, cos we lived together. At Aucky it was 6 years! Thats a big chunk of my life! last week, they had the reunion in Bangkok. Mee went. (Mee = Mom). No, not to represent the missing daughter :) She is also an alumna. In fact, she was the School Captain, and Durrant House Captain, and was in the school basketball team! Yes, thats how good my Mom is :) So yes, she went along, and they asked her to give a speech. (Apparently not because of her achievements at school, but because she happens to be the oldest alumna present! Back in those days I dont think there were too many students from Thailand at Aucky). Im told it was a great speech, but I still have no clue what was said. Have spoken to Mom several times since, but still havent got it out of her....yet!

Now, there is one more being organised in Delhi! it is being coined the 'gala' reunion! mygosh....much as Id like to see my friends, in some way the thought of a 'gala' as a reunion frightens me :p Im sure it will be lots of fun though....and do wish I could be there. Will just have to wait for the pics and numerous comments going back and forth amongst all the friends..some seniors, some juniors I wouldnt know I suppose......hmmm yes pics, I love pics!

The theme apparently is to wear your house colour. I was in Durrant House (blue - funny that huh? its as if they knew I would end up in the 'true blue' country Australia!). A comment from Vimol got me thinking. (Vimol is some years junior but was also a blue)that I dont quite have a proper dark blue dress or top. I dont know if that is intentional? Cos at one point, up to perhaps 6 or 7 years after school I remember avoiding brown and yellow, cos I had had enough of wearing those 2 colours for 5 days a week for 6 years!!
Now? I actually love all shades of browns, and my wardrobe is filled with them. With a touch of yellows here and there, including one very bright full dress all in yellow :p So I think Im past whatever hangups I had with school uniform colours :p

Alright - mission - find a dress in Durrant House Colour? hmmmmm if I go through my closet...will I find a blue dress? there is one, but its not dark blue...its more a shade of sea blue, which could almost be looked upon as green! no way! and there is another which is white, but with navy blue patterns on it. might work....but the royal blue? Might make me cringe a little. but Ill keep my eyes out for one that could look decent :)


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