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Saturday, March 20, 2010

the 2010 Champions League quarter final draws

Im excited and of course nervous as Arsenal will be facing Barcelona. They are no doubt a tough opponent, not to mention the memory of the defeat at the finals in 2006 (still remember staying up late for that game, totally ignoring my friend who was with me - thats how nerve-wrecking it was for me. my heart skipped a split second of a beat each time the Barca players came anywhere into our half!)

Of all the pairing, it seems all the football sites are talking about the Barca vs Arsenal games the most! A few reasons for that I suppose. Arsenal and Barcelona both play what we consider 'beautiful' football (some have said that Arsenal needs to move away from beauty and start focusing on more goals and winning); the fact that the 2 teams met in the final in 2006; and also the performance both teams have had in the round preceding the quarter final - Barca beat Stuttgart 4:0 while Arsenal beat Porto 5:0 at the Emirates!

Add to that this game will bring Thierry Henry back to Arsenal's ground, attacking our goal! Then there is the rumour of the current captain Cesc Fabregas eyeing to move to Barcelona. Will certainly make for an interesting display!! Not sure where in the world I will end up being, or who I will be with, but am certainly looking forward to the game!

ohhhh, and yes there will also be other games as part of the quarter final :p (but Im sure you can understand why my focus is where it is surely!)

So this is what the draw looks like:

Barcelona face Arsenal
Olympique Lyonnais play Girondins de Bordeaux
Bayern M√ľnchen take on Manchester United
and Internazionale Milano meet PFC CSKA Moskva.


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