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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Another clothing appeal from me....

Some friends are getting together to collect and ship clothing and basic necessity items to the victims of the quake in Chile. So I thought Id help spread the news a bit.

In a sadly coincidental way, it was almost exactly a year ago when I organised an appeal for the victims of Black Saturday in Victoria.

I know everyone would have done their bit to help, and must have seen so many of these appeals. Yet, from my experience with the Black Satuday collection, I know each of us will somehow always have unwanted items sitting in our closets or cabinets. So, instead of letting it sit there, or throwing them out in your spring clean, why not give them away to those that need them?

Items we are collecting:
Clothing - particularly warm clothes and blankets, towels and such
Basic toileteries
Non perishable food - no bottles please!

Yes, theres been a lot of money supposedly pouring in, and yes it may be more cost effective to send money...but the distribution of funds could be delayed due to bureaucratic procedures.

Items collected will be shipped to Chile, and delivered to an NGO working on the grounds to distribute them straight away.

If you have a lot of items, please bring them by my place in Stanmore. However, if you only have a few non heavy pieces, I can arrange to meet you somewhere in the city.

Remember, every small effort counts. Just to remind you of how much each of you helped last are some photographic reminders :)


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