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Monday, March 15, 2010

Random musings, observations and revelations

I have lost half my hair. (I had this grand idea of auctioning it for charity...but didnt find an organisation that seem to do that....locksoflove would take your hair and use it for kids that need it, but I thought Id try to get more money for it, and use it for more than one child). anyhow, now I dont think anyone would want to oay for whats left of it :(

In Sydney's Chippendale suburb there is a street called Chippen, and another called Dale.

If there is one thing I want to steal it would be people's cute puppies and dogs. I miss my Julie.
(apart from when occasionally people ask you that strange question of - how much would it have to be for you to get tempted? my answer - it would have to be a LOTTTTTT and I mean a LOTTTTTT of money and I know a 100% there is no chance of me getting caught.....probably in the hundreds of millions (dollars!) - otherwise its not even worth it)

chaos continue in Thailand. protests, grenades here and there, prime minister flying in and out of army camps on helicopters. sounds like some scene from an action movie doesnt it. read more on the BBC site.

I had a lot of other random things on my mind...but for now they seem to have slipped my mind. oh well. maybe I need some of those 'executive something pills' a friend talked about. She said they supposedly help with memories.

Speaking of pills, today I saw a guy wearing a tshirt that said: "I took the red pill." I wanted to ask if I could take a photo of his tshirt (would have cut off his head ofcourse :p) but after having been told by Anna that Im weird cos I took a photo of a rental lawnmower, I figured my request to photograph a stranger's tshirt might not go down too well.

I did photograph the jellyfish that were washed up ashore at the beach though. They looked quite disgusting yet were fascinating. And yes, maybe I am weird.

Ive always said Im not 'normal'. A few years ago there was that email going around - the one that asks you a few questions, and at the end tells you to think of some object? and supposedly 98% of those that play it answer the exact same thing? an axe or an orange axe or something bizarre like that? anyhow, whatever that object was, clearly that wasnt my answer since I cant remember it! So according to that survey, Im part of the 2% of the population who is not 'normal' (I believe they used a different word to make me feel special). The funny part though - everyone I know seems to have fallen into that 2%! Considering the 6billion population on earth, 2% of that would be ?? oh who cares. bottom line is - Im abnormal,and all my friends are too. :)

by the way - I think I can put my idea of becoming a writer away. but then again, Ive seen some silly books published and clearly people have bought them?


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