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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Loyalties and priorities

I absolutely cant explain what Im doing taking interest in the Six Nations rugby game between Ireland and Wales - have no access to the live game (unless I want to read about it live through some website, or livestreaming through some other net site), not to mention the fact that I still have no clue how the game works (did only have a supervised session only once - Martin has been absolutely terrible - he didnt try to indoctrinate me into rugby at all? hmmmmm)

anyhow, apparently the score at the moment is Ireland 16:3 Wales.....still early in the game. All the Irish supporters must be happy - and in a twisted way I have become one of them . The game ended with the Irish winning 27:12, a worthy goodbye to their stadium.

Now, as to the Arsenal game....hasnt started yet...and I dont think I have much more energy to stay up. Sorry guys....but looks like they manage to do better when I miss watching a game :) case in point: the game versus Porto...where Arseal scored 5 goals against them!


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