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Thursday, March 04, 2010


If I were the swearing cursing type...there would have been at least a couple of occasions in the past 2 weeks that I would have.

Once when I was somewhere running into someone I shouldnt be running into..... c'est la viw.... life has a way of playing not so funny jokes on you.

And today, I would have double 'shoot!' myself. After sending one my typical do everything in a rush style....hit the sent button and in the same split second realised that 1) DOH!!! I should have put the group in the BCC address..... given that Im not using a database mailout, while in my 'TO' box shows the addressee as "Sydney Friends" it occurred to me that once it gets to the recipient's inbox it will show all the email addresses. So apologies to my friends for sharing your emails with some strangers .....but I think most of my friends are safe? :)
and 2) that I should in fact have gone through the group address to double check who may or may not still be included in the list, and whether any need to be removed and saved from receiving unnecessary email from me.

Too late particular number 2) is a bit more of a worry.....but worse things have happened I suppose. I (and they) will just have to live with it.

I wonder if this will teach me to slow down a bit with my actions.....its not that I dont think about what I do.... I do think...but I act on it so instinctively and so quickly :) Has gotten me in a fair bit of trouble every now and then....most recently on Valentine's Day. (not that I pay Valentine's Day much attention - just an easier reference than saying 2 Sundays ago?)


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