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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Oblivion to Thailand's political turmoil?

I did try to remain disinterested and oblivion - havent looked at international news, and so far there was nothing reported in the local paper..and with limited phone contact to my family I decided I had restricted my interest in what was or was not happening. However, I finally succumbed, and decided to check out the Thai newspapers online.

it seems there have been mass gatherings, some rumours of possibility of demonstrators taking over major roads - but they were simply rumours. An ultimatum has been made for the Abhisit-led government to resign - apparently the deadline is Monday - but not clear what the demonstrators plan to do if their demand is not met?

On the other hand, there appears to be some sort of 'tracking' of Thaksin's movements - reports of his son and daughters having left Thailand over the weekend, and some other political players who flew to Singapore. Mind you - some of these reported as players could simply be going on their normal weekly shopping trips to Singapore, but at a time of high political tension - a trip to the golf course by politicians would be spun as newsworthy :)

Ofcourse I have nothing of value to add - no profound insight, no indepth analysis, or informed opinion. Im merely restating the quick scan I have had of a couple of news articles. Perhaps I need to tune in to the BBC and other international media to see what if anything is being said? And perhaps, it is time for me to start taking a bit more active interest in developments in my own country again?

(well, its not that Ive lost interest....but its a bit harder to engage in discussions with people in the country, and I cant really have first hand observations while being so far away. Had i still been at home, Id have been in a dilemma as to whether to check out the size of the crowd only meters down from my place, or whether to stay away for safety reason -but in either case suffering from the inevitable traffic disruptions with no alternate route to avoid the chaos! Oh just one of the joys of my Rattanakosin Bangkok address :)


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