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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More violence on the horizon for Bangkok?

initially the army proposed 7 steps before using live ammunition - yet more than 20 people were killed (ofcourse the 7 steps were never followed). Now they are talking about a 4 step strategy before getting to live ammunition....and have the audacity to suggest there will be lower casualties? good logic!
BBC News - Thai army 'ready to use live fire against red-shirts'
The Thai army has made explicit its determination to use live ammunition against "red-shirt" anti-government protesters in certain circumstances.

ie. good logic if they think people are stupid enough to believe that....

but what makes me more mad is the stand a lot of Bangkokian people have taken. suggesting that it is ok to kill the red shirt demonstrators because they have disrupted the economy. Regardless of the damage done to the economy, how can anyone suggest killing others?

when the yellows closed airport, or shot at motorcycle guys across the road - i was far from happy, but i would not advocate killing them.
This attitude of if we arent happy with them then their lives mean nothing will not help
especially coming from the supposedly educated group.

I ask this again - where is the compassion gone? where is the usual kind Thai? And I will not accept that line of the reds have gone too far and there is no other way to deal with them. There has got to be a less violent way to resolve the situation.


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