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Monday, March 29, 2010

Bangkok....kinda 'home' yet not quite

Its hard to say Ive come home. Bangkok is the city I know best, yet Im somewhat of a stranger to my own town now. Not that much of the city has changed, perhaps some restaurants and bars have changed names, and Im no longer the expert on the most in trend places to eat at :) but in general things are pretty much the same.

More expensive certainly. Property prices has gone up by twofold in about less than 2 years. Eating out at proper restaurants easily costs as much as eating out in Sydney. The fancy places are of course still somewhat cheaper. Speaking of fancy - thanks to my favorite Italian Luca who took me back to Biscotti for a lovely Italian lunch

and while we are on the subject of food, here is what Ive gotten up to so far:
Irish pub with Martin
Thai food at Kalapapruek with the Aucky girls
Western meal (lamb steak, salmon etc) with Mom
Chinese meal with P Kai
ohhh and an Indian wedding with: lotttttttts of fresh Sashimi, Dim Sums, and a touch of Indian, and lotssssssss of desserts! (gotta love Indian weddings!!)
Vietnamese is on the agenda......

ofcourse my life is still filled with food plans. Ive been told by my farang friends that their experience of Thai people is that we are always thinking, planning and eating food :) I think they may be on to something :)

by the way...I even managed a walk on the Rajdamnoen avenue that has been closed due to the government wanting to keep protesters out of the area.....more on that when I get to proper internet access perhaps


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