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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I have the Prime Minister's autograph

alright, not exactly. She was still Education Minister at the time, but between the time I received it and the time I post this blog, Julia Gillard has since become Prime Minister of Australia. Sometime in May 2010, I was advised that my proposal for the Australian Government's Endeavour Executive Award had been successful. This notification was accompanied with a letter from the Education Minister, Ms. Gillard. About a month later, she became Australia's first female Prime Minister. (see my post on the elections below)

So, yes, since August of this year, I have been on the Executive Endeavour Award, working to prepare for the conference 'Migration and the Wealth of Nations'. It has been a hectic 2 months. In fact hectic is almost an understatement, given that the conference evolved from a 2 and half day event into a series of training workshops, networking events, public policy discussions and book launches. I wrote a quick summary of the 'Freedom Festival Indonesia 2010' for the Friedrich Naumann website here.

The conference was the highlight of the 9-day long events. For the first time in EFN Asia history, we also attempted to produce a conference resolution that will be distributed and used in various channels in days and months to come. In addition to managing the conference, I was also part of the team that drafted the first version of the resolution - later discussed and modified by all delegates, and then accepted and passed by all. The drafting process was indeed challenging, but I had an amazing group of people that worked with me on it. Sebastian Braun, David Hennebeger, Barun Mitra, Aan and Nirwan. [Towards the end I think I became a bit of a time-police - so in addition to working so hard, they also had to put up with my frantic way in the last 15 minutes or so :) ] You can find the final version of the resolution on the EFN Asia website.

Lots of reports still to be written, but I thought I should make some attempt to update this blog. It has been neglected for quite sometime. I wanted to show off about my receiving the Australian government award, but by the time I manage to write about it, it is already almost over :)


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