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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Thailand's websites fiasco

in recent months since the military has been in charge there has been lots of censoring of websites. The most controversial is ofcourse the infamous google video, resulting in google being blocked completely.
As with many other things that goes wrong in the country lately, again this is being linked with the pro-Thaksin group. But just to show how far fetched things can be...this is how a blogger Kittinun on tries to establish the link (which you will see really doesnt make sense!)
As per the news reported on Khom Chud Luek newspaper, the blogger accsued the pro-Thaksin faction run website of having ties to the person who uploaded inappropriate video clips of Thailand's King, simply by the fact that both websites (of the video uploader and of are registered through the domain provider a site that has close to 20Million client sites registered through them. Interestingly...the website I previously worked on for the Naumann Foundation Malaysia is also registered through GoDaddy. Does this also make us the culprit by association? not to mention the 19Million other sites. what a joke!!

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