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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thugs and mob rule take Thailand hostage

since 25th November the political impasse in Thailand has gone from bad to worse. In the past year I have refrained from posting anything political, as one Ive been so sick of whats going on, but mainly because I dont see room for solution, at least not unless we want to give up on democracy and give in to the blackmail by a group of thugs.

After almost a year, it has now come to a violent stalemate.

Various events taking place, starting with PAD taking over government house for weeks, demanding the Prime Minister resign. On 25th November they marched to the international airport, on the way getting into street fight with pro-government group, complete with gunshots and grenades. The PM was suppose to land in Bangkok from Peru after his APEC trip. His plane had to be diverted to ChiangMai, where crowds of government supporters waited.

Meantime, the army has refused to act to restore order in the country, and proceeded to suggest the government should dissolve parliament. No mention is made as to what the PAD anti government group would accept the choice of the people in the next election were it to take place. (The current government has its mandate from the people through electoral process in late 2007).

Didnt hear any news for a couple of hours, and now suddenly I hear the latest was the 'red shirts' - pro government, and the 'yellow shirts' - anti government; got into a violent clash, resulting in at least one man being beaten to dead.

At this minute the Prime Minister has started his public address to the Nation. More on the details of his statement soon!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chinse dominance Part II

Chinese dominance

in the last few months my life has been somewhat Chinese-centric, but perhaps not surprising given the trade ties between Australia and China. Then again, who doesnt have (or rather doesnt want) close trade ties with China these days?

Doesnt stop my skepticism about China though (rather reinforces it).

Anyway, started with a book launch of "The new rich in China", edited by my good (somewhat German) neighbour Professor David Goodman. The book is a collection of essays and research papers including sections on class, status and power, and lifestyle The New Rich in China investigates the political, socio-economic and cultural characteristics of the emergent new rich in China, the similarities and differences to similar phenomenon elsewhere and the consequences of the new rich for China itself. It links the importance of China to the world economy and how the growth of China’s new rich may influence our understanding of social change elsewhere.

A bit too technical for me....but certainly didnt stop me from getting a signed autograph copy of this:

Photo: courtesy Professor David Goodman

the silly clumsy me is back

alright, so she never really left....

yesterday I hit myself (accidentally) on the corner of my eye DOH! slight swelling today...but not as bad as the last time when I hit my face opening the car door right on my cheekbone.
I really dont know any one more clumsy than me. Over the years have collected many bruises and scars, most of them self-induced!