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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

First day at work

is a weird feeling...that feeling of being new...not knowing all that much or hardly anything about how things work around you.....
so there I was ..back at that point again....does feel pretty weird. Ive gotten used to knowing my way around things, and knowing exactly what needs to be done.

but apart from that...was not a bad day.... a couple of meetings already.... a bit of a chat with HR. things could get busy pretty quickly I think. some of it could be deja vu, as in preparation of the 20th Anniversary Celebration of UTS (yes thats where my new job is.....I think I failed to offered the position a couple of weeks earlier....) anyhow what I was saying is...for that celebration, they are refurbishing the foyer space, so it can be used for exhibitions. refurbishment.....takes me back to IDP days...but atleast I wont have to handle or be expected to learn about the technical/engineering/design side of things .....they actually have qualified people doing that role :) the good thing about working for a big(ger) organisation I suppose.
thats the other thing that struck me today....this is probably the first time Ive worked in a relatively big organisation. more used to the 12 to 30 odd people in an office :) lets see if I can maintain my record of being good at remembering people's names.......

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lost for a title....

yet I feel an update on the blog is due...or perhaps overdue. over the weeks have had so many thoughts cross my mind of the things that needed mentioning. so this one will be combination of snippets that pop up in my whatever haphazard order...

went to Deb's and Angus' wedding on the 16th Feb. silly silly me though....forgot my camera...and also the going away gift for Deb's trip!! the Ms. I have my camera all the time and annoy people with taking photos, and suddenly on this important occasion I didnt have mine with me!

went to Sumalee in Newtown for dinner with Tony the other night. Missed all my IH friends. the food is still just as good, but the service seems a little less 'thai'.

other than that..Friday I wrapped up work at Wenona School.

weekend I decided to stay home...avoid all the rush into the city to see the regal QE II and Queen Victoria ships......they say Sydneysiders have love affairs with big ships :) it does look impressive...actually I think Im suppose to say 'she'.

why avoid the rush? Sydney public transport seems to have become overly crowded...on the whole I think Sydney is more busy than it used to be. anytime of day in the city theres always lots of people on the streets...Im kinda missing the quieter and slower paced Sydney....... soon it wont be too different from Bangkok!! I really hope Im wrong!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

is "Sorry" enough....the story of Australia's stolen generation

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

a job with my alma mater?

last week was offered a job at Sydney Uni Economics Faculty. didnt quite apply for it....the manager there knows Ive moved to Sydney....and offered me a position working with students. it would be fun I suppose...but not sure its what I want. just feels like Im going back 4 or even 10 years in time. perhaps short term....but certainly wouldnt want to do that long term.......

will see how that goes.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Birthday

Im again not there to celebrate with my other big bro on this day...not that we make that big a deal of birthdays in our house. anyway, so I called Pa Pawan...wished him birthday wish..talked some other nonsense...then decided I better call Mee too.
so they are going out to MK dinner with some friends in Pattani. sighhh...if it were nearer then maybe I could have gone to dinner and then head back. hehehe

happy birthday! miss you too!