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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Judgement Day: thailand's political parties

so as I write this, already the verdict against Democrats has been passed, and OFCOURSE they are not found guilty on any of the four charges. nothing surprising there....mind you not because I believe they didnt do anything wrong.....but thats all I can say on this matter I suppose.
Now Thai Rak Thai hearing is starting.......I have my own speculation....but ofcourse its all will wait to see what happens before I comment further.

Those interested to get an update and details on the verdict...check the Nation's page


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sunday at Don-Wai Market

almost said floating market...then it occurred to me that I cant call it a floating market since the market is on land.
but u can take a baot trip along the Tha-Cheen river....starting from the market area and go as far as hmmm I guess the sea on one end and Nakorn Pathom on the other? my geography is really bad...anyhow we went upto Rose Garden...thats Suan Sampran...had lunch on board...all yummy food!! seafood, fresh water fish and lotsssssss of thai dessert!!


Spider Man3 the lovers seat

hahaha yeah not only were SpiderMan and his gal in the lovers seat, Divya and I, we also opted for the lovers seat when watching it at MBK.
well was a choice of either pay more for the seats, or have an extra hour and half inside MBK....where Im sure with my skillful cousin she'd very quickly manage to spend more than the ticket cost :p

how was the movie?? hmmmm too many twists too many plots...too many characters....wasnt that impressive.

same night we went to an indian wedding with Mee at the Windsor Suite


Dance festival

some 3 weekends ago I went to this Dance festival with Zahra and her 2 sons Muneem and Mustafa. I think must have been a torture for the boys hehehe...the big event of that dance was some sort of modern italian dance...set on Sicily...never quite understood the theme. anyhow ran into Libby!!! at the festival. has been 5 years since I saw her.....wasnt even sure she was still around in thailand...but turns out she has been and is still working for the Ministry of Education.

also ran into Chris from AP...he joined us at dinner......
ended up having Somtum and padthai after the boys couldnt quite decide if they preferred subway, sushi or something else :p


Pickle Factory

yet another one of my favorite hangouts closing down :(

Id have taken quite a few friends over for either Thai food, some nice pizza and one of the best cake places in town!!! and now its no more :(

I went there yesterday with Alec, only to find that the laid back little restuarant-bar with a nice swimming pool outside has now been converted into a home office ....oh well....what am I gonna do now....sighhhhhhh

we ended up going to the Water Bar at Soi Rang nam instead

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The pickled factory....

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bribing me with chocolates? does it work?

anyway today someone I know was trying to tempt / bribe me... offering some 8 small pieces of italian chocolates in return for something laugh.gif little does he know...I told him thats enough to just be a hello greeting hehehe

so somehow we started talking about the chocs Ive tried and reminded me of some of these ones....I wish I could post pics...but only had some of them once and was since last year...cant find them in thailand...but will mention them here in case some kind souls wanna send them over tongue.gif

well ofcourse theres the usual belgian /swiss thingies that are always good.....but people dont seem to realise that even the Daim (swedish) choc arent bad.

interestingly I was once given chocs from Costa Rica.... didnt look that appealing from the wrap....some guava filling chocolate it said...and I thought to myself huh?? but turned out to be one of the best chocs Ive tasted.

another time I was in ShangHai China of all places...dropped by at the supermarket..bought a few junk food (as I do on my supermarket trips laugh.gif) amongst them I picked up random chocolates...thinking its afterall chinese cant be good (from experience) what I didnt realise was there was one little bar of some smooth chocolate coated in other layers of chocolates mmmmmm made in brazil!!! was the yummiest choc Ive ever had!!! trouble is....i cant trace it...cos dont know what its called....only know that it doesnt exist in thailand sad.gif

now...a call to those living in china...please make a wander to your nearest supermarket ......browse the candy-ish section for this black and brown small pack of chocolates....has a picture of the round chocolate on its package.....comes in size of 3 little round chocs per pack. buy a dozen times 24 of these and send them over biggrin.gif your mission accomplished biggrin.gif