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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Romantic places to dine at in Bangkok

Ive been asked this question so many times, and each time have written long emails with various suggestions (with different price range, some restaurants, some coffee/cake shops).
So I figured I should do the smart thing and start collating all these suggestions in the one location. Granted restaurants in Bangkok disappear so quickly....and having been away for a year, perhaps some have closed down, but Ill just have to take my chances. Those living in the country can double check the validity of the info and report back :)

some nice suggestions, nice food, but not all that have been suggested are what I would consider 'romantic'
or they would cost you more than the 3000 baht for 2 budget smile.gif

with exception of:
Eat Me restaurant and GAllery - in Soi Convent. make sure you try the dessert! (I believe their menu changes every few months....but last time I had some berry-fruit based thing, and a sticky date pudding that was OHHH SOOOOO YUMMY!)
Face Bar - the thai restaurant section feels somewhat romantic, in an old fashioned kinda way.......bamboo trees, slow thai classical music. food is just 'ok' hence overpriced in my opinion

I found Le Cafe Siam to be very romantic, and if you dont drink too much...I think you could get a meal within the budget. (a bit hard to get to.....its on a dark street beside the entry to the Express way off Rama 4 road). Set in a colonial style home, with garden.

At Virtigo or Sirocco drinks alone would be already above 1000 baht! I usually do at Eat Me in Convent, then a short taxi ride to Virtigo for drinks smile.gif

there used to be a tiny little place in Suk Soi 31....further down from the Silom Village in that soi...cant remember the name...but my guess is its no longer there. didnt seem like it would last long...which is unfortunate with many smaller/cosy places in Bangkok.
(my biggest devastation was when 1. the thai place in Soi 11 was converted to LemonCello 2. the Pickled Factory in Rajvithee closed down sad.gif )

For other options try:
Witch's OYster bar at Ruamrudee (not the one in Suk 55!) - the best tuna steak Ive had, ever!! nice cosy setting...good food, great selection of drinks.

Spring summer /
in Sukhumvit. fusion thai food....the food itself doesnt quite 'excite' me...but its a nice relaxed feel to the place.
you can choose to sit out in the garden on cushions (perhaps after the meal, while having drinks?)

Im sure there are lots more...but hopefully these have given you some ideas
enjoy smile.gif the way someone mentioned RotSabiang in Suk 11...the food is alright, but I wouldnt consider the place 'romantic' Not sure if Zanzibar in same soi is still around...for decor that might be a better option. For Thai food in Soi 11, there is a place in the sub soi near the 7-11 ....I forget what its called. Small place, waitresses dressed in old style Thai costume, and they also talk in that old fashioned way, food is served in old fashioned utensils. It feels touristy perhaps, but Ive eaten there lots of times, and the food is authentic, and the atmosphere is certainly close to romantic smile.gif