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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My birthday...another 'day' older

So last Friday (June 15) I turned another day older....Mom flew up to Bangkok to spend a couple of days with me...went out to dinner with Mee and Via...P Ang and her 3 nieces and nephew joined us.....Mee wanted some to try some healthy thai food....not sure I can rave about it :) could be ok for a light lunch meal perhaps..we practically ordered EVERY non-beef dish on their menu....with some orders repeated twice...not cos it was so good...but just needed more :p

anyhow next day was another food day...went to a popular Chinese restaurant in China town... 'Tang Jai Yuu'....was so full that we had to wait for our table despite having a reservation! food was good.....and there was SOOOOOOO much of it that even with 9 people there half of it needed to be packed!

Birthday wishes-wise .... the usual brother being the first together with calling me on the dot of midnight :) he even bought me a gift from Singapore.... Tony arrived the morning of my an SMS followed by a phonecall from him... Albert with his card arriving exactly on the day! Claudia...Richard..Toby.... will be seeing Tri for dinner later this week.... is always great to hear from my friends and lovely that they remember my Bday..... yet have to admit that I wish one other person would remember......but oh well.....

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sydney Uni mini reunion

I heard from the Economics Faculty just before the weekend, asking if us alumni would meet the Faculty manager for dinner........seeing as I didnt have anything else planned for that evening...and hoping to see some lost friends...I showed up at Sofitel Central.

Once there, turned out there was a very small 'crowd' if I can even call it that....there was just Top....a friend who was also at IH......and Ada the faculty manager. We had a very nice dinner and discussion wonder Ive always preferred smaller groups than large crowds :)

Anyhow mid way into dinner...Ada offers me a job with the Faculty!! Was quite flattering...but the timing is just not right.....Id have to leave almost in the next 2 weeks :) but hopefully there will be other opportunities........

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Politics Thai style

so..I hadnt posted since the judgement day....but as said....result was as I feared....Thai Rak Thai dissolved...and ofcourse Democrat the victorious hero with a clean slate. To make matters worse is that all TRT executives were also banned from politics for 5 years, thats 111 exec members! The problem is this ban is a result of a law that was incorporated into the Interim Constitution by the military junta since September 2006. The crime committed by the TRT took place in March the Constitution Tribunal applied the law in retrospect for crimes that was committed before the law existed! Im no expert of the law...but gee....if they can always choose to do that then perhaps 5 years from now if say eating/possessing/buying chocolates suddenly become banned and chocolate considered an abused substance...then applying that law in retrospect....guess Id be going to jail for a really really long time with all the chocolate trade Ive been involved in as of today!!

interesting things about how lawyers will always use their technical jargon to intimidate us layfolks....but wait....I thought this was meant to protect OUR civic rights? hmmm

ofcourse being Thailand...the story doesnt end there does it........already from day 1, and then only a couple of days later....they are talking about the very same junta leader who had that ridiculous law imposed into the interim constitution in the first place......all in the name of national unity...what a load of <> oh nevermind
but can people, particularly the so-called educated Bangkokians with their mightier-than-thou attitude fall for this. stop letting these junta and people with vested interest manipulate you by using words like national unity, and ofcourse the all time favorite...we do this because we love the King. wake up thai people....oh u are awake???then better open your eyes too!! and ears....and please.....use that alleged wonderful education you claim to have :)

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