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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Men ...can be so arrogant...but at least some are entertaining

I was at the Establishment for their Tuesday Salsa night this week and met a couple of Everton's friends. Nice enough group of people......

Anyhow I also happen to talk to a guy who seems to think by showing off his wealth is a way to get women. Do men really think like that? Seriously?

Dont get me wrong, Im not saying financial security is not something most logical human beings wont value, but trying to impress women with talks of fancy dinners, flying them off in private jet, a holiday in a waterfront villa, or a ski weekend holiday and all that jazz.... I thought men would have learnt that these over the top shows of extravagant wealth doesnt really work with all women. Admittedly, it must work with a few otherwise they wouldnt keep using it.

There were further details of the arrogance....always with a charming smile ofcourse! HAHA, but enough revealed on such a public media :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

a young man and his dog

a few weeks ago I was walking in the city when I came across a young man sitting on the corner of Liverpool and George Street. He had a dog on his lap. I dont usually give money to people I deem to be young and capable of finding work. Somehow that day I felt different. Perhaps it was the dog sitting on the man's lap, perhaps it was how cold the evening was, or whatever the reason, I emptied out my pocket of coins and put them in front of him before crossing the road. I kept walking but couldnt get him out of my mind, so I walked back and decided Id give him my dinner. It was nothing fancy, just something I picked up from the supermarket while buyiong some chocolates. (I debated internally while walking back whether to give him the chocolates or my dinner - the selfish me won and I kept the chocolates).

I wasnt sure how he would take to being given food, but his reaction was very positive and appreciative. So I decided to ask him whether he has no jacket as he was sitting out on the street in freezing cold temp without a jacket. His response was: yes, but the floor is too cold so I have to use it to sit on.

I know there are lots and lots of poor people in the world, but for some reason his reply hit a nerve. If I were more generous or could afford more Id probably have removed my jacket and given to him, but I just couldnt. So all I managed to do was ask if he is there everyday. He advised me that yes, either there or Hay Street. Three days later I picked up anohter old jacket I have and headed off to the city, with the intention of handing it to him. I got to Liverpool and George, no sign of the young man, so I walked towards Hay Street and looked all over. Still no sign of him.

It has been weeks, but the thought still bothers me. I can hope he wasnt there because his luck has turned for the better. In the mean time, I am still keeping the jacket, just in case.