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Monday, May 26, 2008

the silly luck continues....

so Sunday I decide to do my laundry.....almost a routine thing really
so there it goes....into the nice machine......
50 minutes or so later.....its ready for the I put the clothes from the wash to the dryer. quick enough job. soon I see an empty washer. well almost. wait. whats that. sitting at the bottom of the washer. some black something.
my watch!! grrrrrrrrr
so yeh....must have left it in one of the jacket pockets.
it had certainly been given a thorough clean.
and for those smarty ones wanting to question if my watch is not water resistant...try if its tumble spin resistant.
sighhhhhhhhh. there goes my luck with expensive items. should now teach me I am only capable of using cheap products that I can afford to replace every couple of months!
I might be somewhat laughing now....but its really not funny.

(ohh and this morning went in to work only to find someone decided to pinch my breakfast cereal bowl! not a good Monday morning following the incidents of the weekend.....)

PPS...speaking of the weekend...something about today reminded me about the incident on Friday..nah not the one about leaving my bag and heading home without money or keys...but another small but annoying incident......someone assuming they can order me around, thinking she can tell me where/when I can or cant drink water. what kind of misinformed controlling character is that. if I were more childish I could have made a big deal and made a big fuss about it...especially given that she has no say in telling me how to do things, and the fact that I was doing that particular task out of hours, and its not even part of my job. even IF it were my boss, I wont let them try to stop me from drinking water! I know its a small thing, and Im making a bit too much out of it....but I guess it just so baffles me.........

gee this is turning out to be quite a rant post isnt it.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dinner with Hugh Jackman

ok ok so there were 300 other people there....but well
yes hes kinda cute, and certainly very funny. still not sure why he gets an award though...for being famous? hmmm

anyhow, interesting evening. Had my bag and other stuff in the girls room, by the time the evening ended I couldnt find them....phonecalls and SMS didnt help I decided to just head home. yep, no money, no keys. must thank my obsession with having a phone on me that really saved me. managed to call Stuart to check he was home and awake to let me in..........

but ofcourse the silliness in me wont let things end there. so next day Stuart goes away on a trip.....and I sit there happily wave him a wonderful weekend. 5 minutes later I realised DOH! should have borrowed his keys!!!
so now I sit keys.....locked in.

good fun :p

on the bright side, its at least better than being locked OUT :p

Monday, May 19, 2008

a bit of football

I realise Ive neglected the blog somewhat....I blame the fact there hasnt been much to say about Arsenal in recent weeks...sighhhhh
so ManU won the premier league, and Portsmouth won the FA cup, ManU and Chelsea play each other in the race for UEFA Champions league in Moscow this Wednesday (21st May). Theres a lot of whinging going on about the game being played in Moscow, but if some of the reports on their security measure is true...then Id more than complain too! Apparently whats happening is, fans will be taken straight from airport to the stadium, but HELD there until game starts, and right after game, straight to airport! its can they enjoy the true spirit of the anticipation of such a big game while being held in some how many ever metres by some other metres cage! Its disgraceful too! these are sports fans and not criminals...since when does prevention of POSSIBLE violence allow authorities to hold captive mass number of innocent people?

but anyway, I suppose I will torture myself to stay up and watch the game even though theres nothing in it for Arsenal anymore....
need to recover from this cold so I can stay up though!