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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Hour: 29th March

how it all started
where its grown to...

not bad not a bad effort at all

Camping and oxymoron?

would seem so
lets settle on semi-luxury camping then...

heaters, music, huge screen DvDs, gourmet meals, proper showers/bath

yet with the adventure of fishing, sky watching and the likes....

kids-filled, easter egged out, plus a buffet of fresh prawns.....definitely no complaints...not a bad way to go easter weekend camping

Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend in the countryside

Stuart was nice enough to take me along when he visited his friends Mel and Christian. They have a property up in the central coast, complete with horses, carriage and lots of other animals.

Was a wonderful weekend..... all that amount of vast green space....the quiet, the beauty. Mel and Christian had their cousin and some friends visiting from London, his brother popped in with the the night was quite people-intensive. We all played several games of pool, and a couple of dart games too.

I absolutely loved it. ALthough I cant see myself living there permanently...this would be a good life with the right company :)

pics to come if I get a chance. maybe also the long overdue pics of Kirribilli and Sydney harbour.....

Life in Sydney

speaking of cats... the cat loves me. laugh.gif every evening /night no matter what time I get home...he will come sit on my lap and sleeps there for a bit. Im somewhat allergic at times, so I try not to touch him laugh.gif its a weird arrangement...

work -- into my 3rd week now. much less stressful than my job in thailand...but I prefer the one I had there. Ive been talking to another unit here about doing some volunteer work I suppose soon I could be back to overworking myself again tongue.gif

my social life is still very limited....just a few friends I go out to lunch or dinner with every now and then. havent met many new people. people at work are nice...but they dont seem to hang out or do the social thing. where else would one new in a country meet people? I dont do sports, church or the bar scene. does limit my options doesnt it......

footie...thats my other complaint...I have cable at home..but the hours of the games are impossible.....very very late nights or early early mornings.

despite that...I am getting the aussie experience. will be going out to the country this weekend, and at easter my first camping trip in over 15 years laugh.gif

on the whole...Im doing ok. enjoying Sydney...especially the varied food on offer. my week is always multicultural... dinner in a week goes like this:
greek monday
indian tuesday
thai wednesday
korean thursday
african friday
vietnamese saturday
italian sunday

or variations of the above..replace korean with japanese, replace greek with lebanese, replace vietnamese with chinese, replace italian with portuguese or brasilian.