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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Eveything men know about women

someone brought me some reading material when we went to the beach a few weeks back.

one of the book was titled .....cant remember something about marriage and blah blah
the other kinda caught my eye (the friend that brought it is a it made me curious) titled:
"Everything men know about women"

so I picked it up and thought will flip through a few pages while lying in the sun....
flip I did...........

it was about a hundred or so pages of blank paper HAHAHHA
best book
best humour

I loved it!

maybe I should buy a few copies and gift it to male friends (and also female ones in relationships) at every occasion I get....

Monday, January 04, 2010

Max Brenner comes to Jyoti

my friends know how much I love chocolates, and those that know me better will know of my love affair with Max Brenner! (He features high on my blog, so that should give you a clue).

After the accidental discovery in Greenbelt Manila, and the devastating news couple years later that they had closed (yes I know by then I had moved back to the land of Max Brenner cafes). My fav spot of course is the one in Paddington, but often have to compromise and visit the one in David Jones, or near Wynyard.

Not anymore!

Max has obviously decided it was time to bring his cafe to Jyoti, rather than have her run around the world searching for one of his nice waffle and chocolate treats. So cheers to the new cafe that has just opened in Newtown - my local shops(with a Mexican chocolate drink from Max Brenner of course!)

ohhh, and for those that enjoy history, here is a bit of the story behind The Chocolate Bar by the Bald Man