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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

24th Jan 2008

another birthday not celebrated. I miss you so much.....I miss you everyday.

Monday, January 21, 2008

out of Africa

no I havent left Sydney...but of course Sydney being multi-cultural could be anywhere in the world...or at least enjoy most wonderful cuisines from around the world. Saturday night...after catching up with Richard whos back from Brisbane I went to Manly with Cyrus. We walked around in the rain a fair bit, after taking forever to find a parking spot. In the was all worth it...

had drinks at the German about can I not miss all my German and german beer drinking friends? and get this..for the first time EVER...I finished a whole drink of beer...albeit it was raspberry flavoured it washed down a lot easier looking out at Sydney's amazingly beautiful Manly waterfront.

after drinks headed back across the road for our long awaited reservation at the busy "Out of Africa". According to the owner/chef..... a modern Morroccan restaurant.

We started on some yummy lamb on skewers appetiser.... had the chicken tajine, and lamb sosiates for main.....was absolutely yummy!!! very interesting blend of sweet and spicyness to the sauce in the sosiates. finished up with kahlua and dates crepes served with a scoop of vanilla icecream for dessert. and ofcourse with some Morroccan mint tea. Was absolutely amazing...probably the best meal Ive had in a while.

Im a happy girl... :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A fine line

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Out on the town in Sydney

So last weekend, I decided to go check out the first day of the Sydney festival....with all the live music in the city......huge crowds at Martin Place and also at the Domain. Its a fun atmosphere....thats what I like about Sydney...people are always having lots of fun...dancing to live music on the street. ofcourse theres also the youngsters out on the town, clubbing, getting drunk, dancing on the side of the street to loud music blasting from cars that are stuck at red lights. Quite a funny sight.
then theres the loud drunks, talking jibberish. A strange mix of things going on in Sydney.....I like it :) We went past the RSL club and Cheers bar on George street. Reminded me of the first (and only) time I went to RSL all those years ago! Was with Farah, Gish and Linda.
Abbas took me to what is now called the "Star Bar" ...what used to be the old Planet Hollywood when I was last here. All these nostalgia .... making me sound old huh!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

My love affair with Sydney

so heres to a happy new year. I finally made it to Sydney. Now that I think about it.....I suppose I could say Sydney is kinda like an old lover :) This is now my 5th time here.....6th time to Aus...but 5th to Sydney..... I dont think Ive visited any other country more often (well Malaysia doesnt quite count....not sure if Singapore exceeds this...but again Singapore is well..ermmmm...ahhh...doesnt count either :p )
Got here after Christmas...not done much so far. Went to the Fish market with Tri and her family, had lunch with Tony, Karyn, Na and John, got sick, moved from Surry Hills to Kirribilli, opened a bank account (was declared officially "unemployed" in my banking profile!!! how sad!), went to a BBQ dinner on NYE, while ofcourse watching the much hyped fireworks.