Ms Chocaholic with lots of opinions and an attitude

Thursday, May 11, 2006


I was getting excited about a possible trip to India in early June, but the excitement was short lived. The plan has now been scrapped! shame! would have been a trip there since my last one 16 years ago!! yes a veryyyyy long time! and now its become even longer.
was kinda looking forward to it, especially since could have caught up with 1 or 2 high school friends from Auckland House........and maybe a certain German :)
next time perhaps.........


Friday, May 05, 2006

Inconsequential ramblings?

I was just thinking of a balance between the every now and then posts that really matter, or is there a need for a constant update which may then be reduced to inconsequential ramblings?
hmm tough one huh :p
but obviously you can see which way Im heading......well atleast for now..since its a public holiday...and for once Im at home doing nothing! BUT when I really think about it the public holiday or not shouldnt matter...since Im officially out of a job anyway :p
long story......officially my contract ended 30th april, unofficially Ive been working harder than ever in the last week since Ive been WITHOUT a job!!! hmmm something is not right somewhere......

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ms Chocaholic with lots of opinions and an attitude

The last few weeks
Ive been such a slack...atleast with the from now will try to do these short messages :p
was in KL for almost a week. Also managed to get a couple of days without work, went to Fraser's Hill, which was sooo beautiful, but also managed to get my first 2 leech bites :p got scars to prove it
last 2 days been busy with the test for this online usual style, everything in the last minute ... so i was up until 3am this morning skimming through 1.5 months of reading text!! Id be lucky if I do well ...but will share the news / results.......unless I fail ...... hehe