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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

and now we talk about today

has been a good day I think.....
feels like I did a number of things yesterday, the whole day conference, the formal dinner, the drinks afterward, then even managed to get some work emails done last night...AND still managed to go to bed sooner than my normal hours!!
so that meant I could wake up this morning and managed to have time for the gym..hopefully this will get things back to a more routine pace for me..................
seems like cambodia trip might have done me a fair bit of good really :) I just have to make sure being back in Bangkok doesnt disrupt all this.
infact since Im done for the day...might head for either the gym/sauna or pool now :)


PS. and notice how much more active the blog is? despite the slow connection!!


If I were to live in Cambodia

Im guessing Id easily turn into an alcoholic rather than a chocaholic! Wine is available in variety and much cheaper than in Thailand! perhaps half the price? cant say the same about their chocolate collection though, unless theres some hidden place I havent come across thats the specialist in chocolates around here :)
we also checked out the local restaurant/bar scene near the hotel last night. definitely a tourist town.
the dinner was another cultural experience..hosted by the Royal Cambodia Government....with traditional dance all through dinner. but having been here for 2 days or so makes me realise that Khmer and Thai culture are not just similar, they are exactly the same! at least the food and dance-wise..........just that we are more generous with our chillies :)
speaking of food, I dont know if I should feel sorry for some of our fellow delegates who were given VIP seatings at the dinner....they got served Western food apparently! while I enjoyed the more spicy version of the local food :)


Monday, September 25, 2006

Instalments of the day (Monday 25th Sept)

as said, everything here happens at a muchhhhhhhh slower pace than Thailand, this includes the internet connection. although there is wireless connection, the speed is well hmmm lets not go there.
so although theres like a million thoughts going through my head, not to mention the numerous emotions from spending the morning visiting Angkor Wat and Angkore Thom and a few other sites around Siem Reap, I will have to keep this short, but perhaps with more frequent posts
so yes, Cambodia and its people....
.......the young children laughing and playing
.......the young children who smile and greet visitors and give us little tips on the best spot for a good view
......the young children pestering people to buy their silly souvenirs :)
......the young boy pushing for more tips when they have actually done nothing but follow you around some site and talk things you dont understand....I think he was supposedly my tour guide :)
.....the victims of the landmine who you look at and never stop to wonder how the world could go so wrong, and how people so cruel.
.....then of course there is the amazing architecture and craftsmanship of the ancient city. makes one wonder what glorious days those were, and what excellent skills people had.

all this and a matter of 6 hours.........
Life is an amazing thing really.........


Life is beautiful.........

well thats definitely how I felt this morning. Things happen at a different pace in Cambodia, so depending on why you are here, it can be quite relaxing. Streets are bustling though, lots of motorbikes and bikes, also a fair bit of cars and trucks and the such. but every one drives at max 40km
the first half of my morning (including Sunday evening when I arrived), I played the tourist, and to be honest that felt quite good. to do it well is quite simple...keep smiling and say Hor Kun (thank you) and you are all set :)

more later.......


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Off to Siem Reap tomorrow (sunday)

yes I will finally make it there after all. Missed out in Feb when Virg and Bean asked me to go with them. not sure how much of the sights I will get to see though....arrive early evening, have half of Monday free, and other days again only evenings free.

Ive been asked to leave a note on a stone for a friend who will arrive Siem Reap end of next week. Well, I might leave a post-it note on the must search for it........ B ;)


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Message to media..including internet forums and blogs

All media was today 2006-09-21 ordered by ICT (thats Ministry of Information and Communications of Thailand) to exercise censorship of any news critical of the coup-makers and the new military regime. Offenders face up to six months in jail, a fine of up to Bt10,000, or both.


Rumour has it..........

Rumour has it.....BLACK is in trend in Bangkok today ;)

Siam Paragon is Bangkok's popular place still.......

and those that have seen my wardrobe.......might know what proportion black makes up of it.....

well try to put 2 and 2 together.... is that the expression Im looking for...hmmm

if it confuses some, well and good....


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Life amidst a military coup

a lot of friends have been asking how things are, and expressing their concern. To most countries, a military coup usually involve some bloodshed, and definitely the image of tanks and soldiers with guns automatically makes one think of violence. Thailand is still different in that regard.

In all my frustration and anger and disagreement about the coup, I do have to admit that yes they tend to be a peaceful occurence here. This one definitely has come without any incident of protest.

One day after the coup, and life seems to be going on almost as 'normal'. Streets are still somewhat quieter from what I see. strangely enough, even at the office not many were discussing it. I didnt have any discussion with any of my thai colleague, but started to talk about the various aspects, the timing etc with the german colleagues instead. Makes me wonder if this is another of the "Mai Pen Rai" Thai attitude? one of those...things has already happened, so not much use going on about it. that may be true, yet, if we always keep quiet and never voice our opinion how can we ever bring about positive change to the way things work?


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Streets of Bangkok 20th Sept

yes of course, being me, I had to go check it out. so this friend calls saying he saw tanks near KhaoSarn road (backpackers area, about 5mins drive from me). so we decided we'd get a couple of drinks and check out the area.
on the way I have to pass through the democracy of these round-abouts we have in bangkok, with imitation of constitution as a raised centre piece
anyway, so passing there I see soldiers standing at every 5 metres apart.....surrounding the roundabout....
the monument has a history of being the location for a number of protests demanding for democracy in the past, last time being in 1991. so I guess they were taking precautions that no one tries to do anything

but other than that streets were very quiet, not many cars, fewer people out and about


Democratic Reform

by tearing up the constitution? someone explain that to does it work that way?

anyway, it is now almost 3am, and the latest announcement was to declare 20th Sept a public holiday..for government sectors and banks.including stock exchange of thailand....didnt say anything about private what does that mean for us........
heads of government departments including universities have been summoned to report to the army chief......

they had an audience with the King...the details was not shown...but they said it was about giving the King an update on the situation in the country...that things were restored to peace....i didnt feel any threat until I heard of the coup! so what peace were they restoring!!!

Im obviously not sleeping....been watching it all deteriorate....first the local channels were cut off, then the phone calls ...then the news channels on cable, and suddenly all cable is gone entirely! websites are blocked...Im surprised the internet is still functioning.....
thai baht is falling already!

and yes Im getting more upset by the minute....... so much for democratic progress in thailand! and I was just talking to a friend earlier tonight that Thailand is still wayyyy better off than a lot of countries!
and now suddenly we are back here again! how can they even claim they are doing this to return power to the people? Ive never felt as powerless as I do tonight!!

and yes I do realise Im starting to repeat myself :)


Now they are using a woman as their spokesperson!

some more announcements again....from the same so-called democratic reforming whoever....
saying that in the absence of a prime minister, his duties will be undertaken by...guess who!! the head of the democratic reform other words himself! ...signed General Sonthi.......

nice one!

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Bangkok tonight

just thought Id drop in a quick note just in case since in the last half hour my phone line is no longer working. local TV channels are just showing images of royal family and songs. and since they have done that Im guessing the internet might be next.....
lots of different versions of the coup or its attempts going on, one saying that pro-government milatary and police have managed to take control again.
now some guy going on TV to say they have taken control, they are calling themselves democratic reformers or something to that effect.......consisting of military and police.
but gee, what a mess!!! so much for no interference for the military
..dont worry, its not something we are totally unused to in thailand, only just thought we have moved past that era by now. but on the bright side, its never been a bloody we will be ok, frustrated ofcourse, especially at the leap backwards in terms of democratic process. well infact it makes me mad!
anyway, talk to you guys and gals at some point.
PS. now this email wont get sent, and suddenly Ive also lost the international news channels on my cable TV....hmmmm
yahoo seems to be working, so am trying to send this email from here instead....
AND suddenly...cable tv is totally gone! so much for the small things we can take for granted under democracy...and so much for these democratic reformers.
their latest announcement is that constitutional court has been revoked, constitution no longer in force, senate and other authorities no longer in power either. they said will submit a name to king for royal appointment as temporary prime minister.
im getting more upset by the minute I guess.....
how can they even claim they are doing this to return power to the people? ive never felt as powerless as I do today......

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night

yes suddenly got in this somewhat romantic there you go....Romeo musing about his Juliet........
the idea of poetry is kinda romantic in itself I suppose........
but no dont ask me the difference between poem, prose or whatever else there is out there...

but for now lets leave it at this....

O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright!
It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night
Like a rich jewel in an Ethiope's ear;
Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear!
So shows a snowy dove trooping with crows,
As yonder lady o'er her fellows shows.
The measure done, I'll watch her place of stand,
And, touching hers, make blessed my rude hand.
Did my heart love till now? forswear it, sight!
For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night.

Act I Scene 5 (I think...)
William Shakespeare

Malaysia one more time..

yes I was recently in KL again for about a week. some conference that we did there. you can find out about that elsewhere........
Id rather keep this less on the work aspect.
so how was it apart from being very very sick? kinda strange I suppose. was nice to be back there, and see some of my friends again...eventhough it didnt all work out. but the strange bit was when it suddenly occured to me that the odds of me going there again are so remote. i had this debate with myself for a few days in terms of what to do with my malaysian mobile number...which apparently Ive become attached to :)
so yeh, the dilemma of how to maintain the number that Ive used on my numerous trips in the last 2 years, when in fact I wont be in the country anymore!
PLUS, I just found out that Im eligible for some bouns points with all the calls Ive made :)
anyone in need of mobile phone credits? ;)